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WLU Business Awards 2023. The 4th edition

Recognising excellence.

Welcome to World Lash University’s Business Awards for 2023!

We have 6 amazing Awards to be claimed by their rightful owners!

  • Salon of the Year 2023
  • Trainer of the Year 2023
  • Achievement over Adversity 2023
  • Best New Lash Brand of the Year 2023
  • Best Established Lash Brand of the Year 2023
  • Business Person of the Year 2023

Why Take Part

The prestigious WLU Business Awards are dedicated to acknowledging those who make a real difference to the lash industry and those who work hard to be the best that they can be.

WLU are proud to be transparent and fair in its awarding of titles and all that goes with it. All entries are anonymised and assessed by judges with proven business acumen. Titles are not awarded based on popular opinion or how well you promote that you have taken part.

To that end, winning is a significant achievement for your business. It can set you apart from others by raising your profile and opening the door to new opportunities.

To Enter

Anyone in the Lash (Extension) Industry (worldwide) can enter.

You don’t have to attend our events to take part.

Purchase your Award Entries from the options below, and receive your application form by return.

All entries must be using the prescribed forms only.

Send completed applications to by 11.59pm (BST) on Saturday 7th October 2023. Late entries will not be accepted.

All entries are objectively assessed by a panel of expert judges. Your answers to questions can earn up to 10 points each. The entry with the highest score wins!

Note: You will not be asked to beg for votes to win. That’s a popularity contest and NOT an assessment of your entry. We believe in fairness.

If you want to enter more than one award at a discounted rate, here’s some options:

1 Award entry £20

2 Award entries £38

3 Award entries £54

4 Award entries £68

5 Award entries £75

Take a look at our Business Awards information pack that includes the Terms and Conditions, Judging Criteria and Tips.

Salon Of The Year

We are looking for the best Salon whose highly motivated team work together and tirelessly to provide great treatments and customer service. A highly trained team who are forward thinking and know what they are striving to achieve and how that will be accomplished.

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Trainer Of The Year

We are looking for the best Lash (Extension) Trainer. A Trainer who knows their students’ needs and provides great training and customer service. Whose courses are always up to date in this fast paced industry and knows what they are striving to achieve and how that will be accomplished.

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Achievement Over Adversity

We want to recognise and celebrate the achievements of a Lash Artist who has succeeded – despite hardship, adversity and challenge. This could relate to their health, finances, family or relationships. Despite it all, this Lash Artist has demonstrated a resilient, selfless, disciplined commitment and inner drive to succeed and rise to be the best that they can be.

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Best New Lash Brand Of The Year & Best Establish Lash Brand of the Year

We are looking for a lash brand who put their customers at the heart of how they operate, along with the impact that their business has on society and the planet. They are ethical and work to reduce their impact on the environment and exercise social responsibility. All this makes them worthy of this prestigious Award. (New Lash Brands launched after 7th April 2021 and Established ones launched before that date)

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Business Person Of The Year

We are looking for the business person whose vision, initiative and leadership has helped them to become an amazing Business person who’s worthy of this prestigious Award.

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Debbie Lewis

With 26 years of salon experience; fifteen of those as an award winning salon owner, Debbie Lewis is now a successful UK based business coach and industry speaker. Read more


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