Chieko Miyamoto

Master Lash Artist, Award winning stylist
Trainer, Speaker, Judge and Event Organiser

Based in London (UK) she is the;

Founder and Co-owner of Blanco Lash Studio in London
Founder Co-Director of Blanco Lash Products London Ltd
Organiser Lash Queen Lash competition 2019-2021

Chieko is passionate about teaching students and has taught many through the academy program who have gone on to win and receive awards in various competitions.

Chieko started competing in 2018 and has received multiple wins and awards. These include Classic, Volume lash and premade lash.

BLANCO Lash Studio has been awarded for 4 consecutive years in the UK.

Chieko was invited to Japan and Australia to Judge in lash competitions. She also has judged in numerous online competitions.

She was a speaker at the Tokyo Lash Competition.

Chieko says, ‘To enter a competition is always challenging and sometimes scares you, but I am sure you will have a great experience and the experience will lead you to the next steps! GOOD LUCK ❤️’