Frankie Widdows

Frankie Widdows is the CEO of Eyelash Excellence ™ and is a Master Lash Artist, International trainer, Mentor, Celebrity lash stylist, Lash Judge, Guest speaker and developer of Lash products.

Prior to Frankie’s lash career she served as a Police officer within the K9 department for 10 years until venturing on to her new path into the beauty industry. Frankie soon realised that Lashes was her ultimate passion.

Frankie’s business has flourished and continues to develop and expand, due to Eyelash Excellence growing so vastly Frankie has hand selected a small team to assist her with the running of the business. Including ex students of hers that she has seen grow and develop into amazing lash technician’s whom share her same ethos and passion.

Frankie’s training academy is based in the South East of England, also due to demand she travels worldwide to deliver her unique in person training. Inventively Frankie also developed her courses to be online meaning her training is accessible to anyone!

Frankie’s success is due to her passion and dedication to the lash industry including providing support, mentoring and high standards of training to new and existing fellow lash tech’s. Frankie pushes her students to be the best they can be, to maintain her high standards and to strive for perfection.

Frankie prides herself and her team on being approachable and supportive. This means she is active on a variety of social media platforms, where she offers guidance to those within the industry.

Her classes are some of the most technically complex available, but her comprehensive teaching methods are an undisputed success and have led to widespread acclaim.

Frankie not only has her UK online shop (which delivers worldwide) but she has distributors in the USA and Canada. Frankie’s products have all been hand selected by her and tested by herself and her very close team to ensure they not only work but meet Eyelash Excellence’s high standards!

On Frankie’s website you will find her online lash shop, online courses and traditional in person courses, as well as International Training.

Finally, Frankie and her team offers an online mentorship programme called Lash Tech Tutorials, which comes with access to all Frankie’s advanced lashing tutorials, including those not otherwise available.